So school reopened. I’ve finally broke free from the social pressures and the Singaporean dream, to re-pioritised my life.

It’s never always about me, it’s always trying to fix things and understand people that’s what drives me forward everyday. Yes I admit getting suck into the rat race was a major mistake on my part, experiencing the lowest point of my life practically alone. The learning journey is unforgettable even when I’m typing this entry I can feel the reverberations.

Ok I’m getting drowsy on the bus, gona power nap before learning even more new things about the human mind.



Pacific Rim

Robots fighting monsters. How bad can such a movie be right. Ok it’s pretty good I must say.

As the story goes, giant monsters have been appearing through portals, so humans built giant robots to stop them. Action scences are good, acting wise could be better. I don’t mind adding another 30min to explain abit more on the drift system and the aliens. Overall still one of the better movies this summer, 7.5/10. Watch it peeps.



Ok ok I know, this review is duper late. I kept writing on other blockbusters week after week I forgot about this particular one. Blame it on the hangover .

So this instalment is better than the 2nd but not as good as the 1st. Basically the story is on chow escaping and coming back to find Alan. The pack doesn’t approve of it and throwing in a mob boss who want back the money chow stole, you’re in for a ride. Jokes are not as funny but there’s Afew good ones. Actings great all around. I’ll definitely recommend anyone who wants to relax at the end of the day to watch this show. 7/10, entertaining show I must say.


Man of steel

One of the much awaited shows of the summer, dropped his red underwear.

Overall story is not too bad. Building up from krypton to some struggles he faced while realising he’s different. The only downside is there are too many fight scenes. Just 1 or maximum 2 fight scenes with Zod is enough, anything more and you’ll feel “here we go again”. One thing is that they are super human so practically they won’t suffer any major damage, which makes the fights quite boring, and my friend actually fell asleep.

On another note, Louis lane is abit old, can’t feel her fiery character that sometimes have superman at his wits end. Well, there’s room for improvement. Hopefully on the next instalment, or if there’s a justice league, we’ll see a more goody superman that no matter how evil the villains or humans are, he still manage to do the right thing to prove them wrong. 6/10 rating for this one.


Continue with the summer blockbuster release is now you see me this week. Looking at the trailers I thought it is part magic part sci-fi action. I was wrong.

It was mainly illusions and sleight of hands. So it was really good. Pace of the story was not bad, keep you constantly thinking who was the one behind pulling the strings. Overall acting was good, Jesse eissenberg can do comedies for a long time with his dead expression. Couldn’t quite get him off the social network character stigma. Isla Fischer is good as an eye candy in the show. Another good show to catch and escape into the magicians world for a bit after a hard week of work


Great Gatsby

Caught this latest movie last wk finally. Overdued post really, due to tiredness from work, sorry peeps. Anyhow, back to the movie.

For those who’ve read the book would expect the movie to be as good, which in turn would disappoint most of the time. So going into this with an open mind, story line was good with the mystery unfolding bit by bit till it becomes a romance flick. Still strong performance by Di carpio as usual. Supporting casts are not bad too. Overall would be a 6.5 due to some scenes being abit too long, like the flash backs.

Alright, Hangover 3 will be my next review. Actually It’s quite good despite all the negative reviews. Well till then.


Fast 6

Caught 2 blockbusters this weekend. Lets start with the speedy one. As most of you should know, it’s all action and for those who follow the franchise, the lead actor came out if retirement from crime to find back his love.

An entertaining movie overall with some unneeded scenes. By now the final runway scene should be viral everywhere for being infinite long. Gona rate it a 7 as it was abit too long for my liking. Off to next review. Stay tune. M